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2XX  – Volunteer of 2016

Robert Hawes is 2XX volunteer of the year for 2016. Many thanks.
Notice of Annual General Meeting 2017

The details for the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Community Radio 2XX Incorporated are as follows:

Day:       Saturday 2nd December 2017

Time:    1:30PM for 2PM start
(Payment for membership renewals – $5.00 – can be accepted before the meeting, but please arrive early.)

Place:    The Griffin Centre
1st Floor, Meeting Room 6
20 Genge Street

For the complete agenda and board nomination form, please go to “About Us” on the menu at the top left and select “2xx Association” and then look near the bottom of the page and you will find a link to “2017 AGM agenda” and to “board nomination form for 2017 AGM”.


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