Multicultural 2XX

The ACT Government is a major supporter of Multicultural Radio in Canberra and on 2XX.


2XX is one of Canberra’s alternative independent radio stations and one of Australia’s 3rd longest running with purpose-built studios in the heart of the city.

2XX hosts specialty music, talk and multicultural programs run by approx 120 individuals and community organisations. It also takes some programming from the CBAA delivery Network and broadcasts the National Radio News. We’re growing stronger in linking the community together. Our listener-ship is a large and diverse demographic. It spans across different ages, nationalities, lifestyles, work places, organisations and people with an interest in the programming that 2XX provides.

Information on all the multicultural programs broadcast on 2XX in Canberra is under each of the individual programs in the Program Guide as well as links to further information on each show. Furthermore there is information about language schools in Canberra. These can be found on the menu at the top.