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What is 2XX?

2XX is a not-for-profit radio station that exists to give a voice to the Canberra community, your community. Founded in 1976, 2XX is the oldest community radio station in Australia. It serves a diverse range of interest groups in the ACT by providing a range of vital information and entertainment services which are not available from government or commercial broadcasters.

Who runs 2XX?

2XX is run by three part-time staff members and over 200 volunteers (including around 15 core volunteers). For a copy of our organisational structure please email the station manager here –> manager(at)

Who does 2XX represent?

2XX is a generalist station, appealing to many different demographics and special interests, including traditionally disadvantaged groups such as CALD, Indigenous, people with mental illness and the LGBTIQ community.

What kind of programs do you have on 2XX?

2XX produces between 14 and 20 hours of local programming every day. That’s 135 hours a week of content originating at our station, produced and presented by our volunteers. Programs vary over certain times of the day, however, you can expect to hear everything from genre-specific music shows to environmentalist talk-based programs to ethnic language shows.

Who listens to 2XX?

Approximately 90,000 Canberrans listen to community radio every week. We can’t claim all 90,000 but we do know our listeners hail from almost every age group, ethnic background and interest group imaginable.

How do I contact the station?

Please refer to the following links & let us know what’s on your mind:

How does 2XX receive its funding?

2XX receives most of its funding from grants awarded by the CBF and the ACT government. However, we also rely on subscriptions and donations to keep us on air. Just one subscription can buy a new set of headphones for our training studio where we teach our up-and-coming broadcasters how to reach their communities. Subscribe or donate today!

How can I listen to 2XX?

You can tune into 98.3 FM, stream online by using the audio player at the bottom of the page at or listen on the TuneIn Radio app.

How do I get on the air?

Before you become a radio superstar at 2XX you’ll need to do a few things.

  1. If you want to start your own show (rather than just helping out with an existing show) you can fill out a program proposal form (from our Volunteer page) and email it to the station manager.
  2. Then you’ll need to figure out a way to meet access fees.
  3. You’ll also need to do some training — we offer a two day weekend training course at $110 subscribers, $160 full price. We’re generally always running a few cycles of training in small groups of about six (see Does 2XX offer training?).

I’m a local musician, how can I get my music on 2XX?

Send us a copy of your CD and then send a follow up email to us to confirm we received it. If you’ve got a gig coming up or a new song being released email our drive-time music show LocalnLive.

Do you offer training?

We offer a two day weekend training course. The course covers everything from which buttons to push on the panel, to microphone technique, to broadcast guidelines and even some basic audio editing. The costs for the course is $160 full price, or $110 for subscribers.

Are your studios for hire?

Studio hire rates are $70 p/hour or $200 p/day. Get in touch with our manager to book in.

Do you hire out equipment?


How can I get an event plugged on air?

Send an email to inquiries(at) and we’ll make sure it’s sent to the most appropriate show or read out with other community announcements on our Breakfast and Lunchbox shows.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribing is easy. Just choose the Subscribe page on the menu and you could be a supporter of 2XX in less than 5 minutes!

What do I get for subscribing?

You get a 2XX tote bag filled with goodies: a bumper sticker, free CD and a subscriber card that gets you discounts at Palace Electric Cinema, Brodburger, Smoque, iTrip iSkip and The RUC.

Can I advertise on 2XX?

No, it’s illegal to advertise on community radio! But… you can become a sponsor and we can announce your business on-air, provided that we clearly tag the announcement with the fact that you’re a financial supporter of 2XX.

Does 2XX accept donations?

Yes! Go to our donate page to make a donation via PayPal of any amount you like. We recommend (Dr Evil voice) one billion dollars… Or even $20 if you have it. It’s tax deductible.

How can I sponsor 2XX?

Go to our sponsors page to find out more.

How do I get a community announcement on air?

Email a copy of your announcement to us.



I missed one of the shows on 2XX, is it possible to obtain a podcast of the show?

It really depends on the show. If you know the name of the show google it to see if they have their own website where they upload podcasts. If you can’t find anything online send us an email with all the information you have available to you (time, date, any information on have on the presenters) and we’ll get in touch with them to see what we can do for you.

I just heard a song playing and I want to know what it was, how do I find out?

Your best bet is to call the studio (02 6247 4400) as soon as the song’s finished and ask the presenter what song it is. If it’s too late for that try the office (02 6230 0100) and we’ll see if we can track down the… track.

Can I contact the show hosts?

Unless the show host you want to contact has a policy of giving out their details we can’t give them out on their behalf. You can, however, email us and we’ll happily pass on your details.

Where can I see what shows are on?

If you go here you can see what’s on now. If you’d like a printed version please get in touch with us and we can email or post one to you.

I heard something offensive on air, how do I make a complaint?

2XX takes listener complaints very seriously. If you hear something you consider offensive we recommend that you consult the CBAA Codes of Practice. If you’ve read this and still want to make a formal complaint then please contact the 2XX station manager directly.


Future volunteers/presenters

I’m keen to help out, how can I volunteer?

We LOVE volunteers. Go to our Volunteers page to find out more!

What are access fees?

Access fees were introduced in 2010 in a period of financial uncertainty, as a way to raise money for the station. Basically it means that out of necessity programs need to find ways to raise a bit of money to keep the station going. This is often done by people obtaining grants, attracting show sponsors and by getting people to become subscribers/donors to the station. Access fees only affect programs between the hours of 9am and midnight. They currently are: $15/wk for a half hour show, $25/wk for a 1hr show, $40/week for a 2hr show.

How can I pay access fees?

You can pay them by obtaining a grant to cover your program, attracting a sponsor for your show, encouraging people to become subscribers/donors or by doing volunteer hours at the station. (N.B. volunteering is only an option for people who have skills pertinent to our current office needs.)

Does 2XX offer training?

Yes! We offer a two day weekend course ($110 for subscribers, $160 full price). You can register your interest in training here.

How can I get on the air?

See this answer.


Current presenters/volunteers

I’m not able to do my show, what should I do?

If it’s on short notice, please contact the station to let someone in the office know that you can’t make it. If you know in advance, you could organize to do a pre-recorded show by booking in some time in studio 2 or studio 3. Otherwise, you could put together a music playlist which matches your program, so that the technician can program it into Playlist in lieu of your show.

What are the rules with talkback?

At the moment we can’t support live talkback Allan Jones style. Partly because we don’t particularly want to emulate anything Allan Jones does and also because we don’t have the legal resources to defend ourselves if someone jumps on the air and starts advocating drug use, people smuggling or ethnic cleansing. But we do love phone interviews and we encourage presenters to do phone interviews with guests who have been vetted and demonstrated that they are not drug advocates, people smugglers or ethnic cleansers.

What can/can’t you say on air?

The best way to learn is to check out the CBAA Codes of Practice. Basically you can’t advocate drug use, violence, suicide, racism, etc. In terms of course language the audience should be taken into account and 2XX favours not having course language during daytime hours. But obviously if you tune in to one of our hiphop programs late at night, there’s a good chance that you might hear some curse words.###富士工業【SERL-3R-751】シロッコファンプレミアム 750間口 前幕板別売 受注約2週
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