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Rebel Chorus

The day before NAIDOC Week starts, a special Mission Songs Project edition of Rebel Chorus this Saturday (1 July 2017) features songs from Jessie Lloyd’s Mission Songs Project CD and an interview with Jessie.

Jessie Lloyd is the 2017 National Folk Festival National Library Fellow. She has researched and performs songs from Christian missions, Aboriginal reserves and the fringes of townships where Indigenous people were relocated.

YouTube – Own Native Land – Mission Songs Project


Our program focuses on Filipino Languages and Culture. We have our teachers, students and parents coming to our program for storytelling acts, lessons learned, songs, dances conducted and other related matters that promotes Filipino culture and tradition that Filipino Language School brings to every Filipino community. We started our own program in 2014.

What we have been doing lately with 2XX is to promote other multicultural programs and interact with other program presenters whom we look forward to meet every year at the 2XX Stall in the February Multicultural celebration rostering.