Why Sponsor Us?

Because you will contribute to a valuable community organisation, and 2XX relies on volunteers and sponsors to get by. Read more about 2XX by looking under “About Us” on the menu and you can also learn about what 2XX strives to achieve.

We believe there is a need in Canberra which is not currently met outside of community radio and would like to be more specific in extending our services to each vital demographic and to achieve network building at the community level. Becoming a sponsor helps us to achieve that diversity.

According to the 2014 McNair Ingenuity National Listener Survey almost 70,000 Canberrans tune into Community Radio every week. The Australian community broadcasting sector is recognised internationally as one of the most successful examples of grassroots media. Community broadcasting provides news, information, cultural content and entertainment to communities defined by geographical location or common interest.  The diversity of program content available through community broadcasting, particularly specialist services, broadens the media choices available to all Australians.

2XX’s advertising of your business will reach Canberra listeners as well as the surrounding regional areas where they also broadcast.  These areas include: Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Braidwood, Murrumbateman, the Southern Tablelands and the Illawarra.

2XX has 3 different kinds of sponsorship:

– Station Sponsor: A business or organisation would like their promos placed strategically around 2XX’s program schedule

– Program Sponsor: A business or organisation would like to support a particular program, get promotion only within that program’s timeslot and have an association with that particular program. (Eg: Australia Institute is a sponsor of Behind The Lines)

– Online Sponsor: Logos or graphics are linked into a web-button on 2xxfm.org.au and 2XX’s e-news

Sponsorships at 2XX are broadcast in three different ways:

– Promos: 15-30 sec produced promos that have been recorded, edited and are in an audio format

– Live-reads: promotional material is written in script-form and the announcer live reads on-air

– Online: Logos or graphics are linked into a web-button on 2xxfm.org.au or 2XX’s e-news

Contact the station manager about the different sponsorship packages available and how your organisation can benefit from getting involved with 2XX. Email to manager(at)2xxfm(dot)org(dot)au.