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Why Subscribe?

2XX is on the way up! We’re a Station that brings you new music, empowers minority communities and brings an alternative voice to Canberra. We have so much planned for live events, more new programs, greater involvement in the thriving Canberra music scene and more prizes and giveaways for our supporters. The one thing we don’t have a lot of is money! So we need you to help us by becoming a subscriber.


What you get for subscribing:

  • discounts at a variety of Canberra businesses: including Palace Electric Cinema, Brodburger, The RUC, Smoque, Landspeed Records, iTrip iSkip and more.
  • a subscriber pack: including a tote bag, CDs and some other goodies.


By subscribing you also help us help the community by:

  • promoting our own local and national Australian artists and music – 2XX FM plays at least 55% Australian music each week;
  • giving a voice to those who don’t get a chance to tell their story on mainstream radio;
  • building skills and empowering marginalised demographics of people, with training courses and special projects;
  • providing a platform for young people interested in a career in media; and
  • keeping independent and commercial-free radio alive in Canberra.

If you are a renewing subscriber or have taken out Life membership more than a year ago

  • You are eligible to join the 2XX Association and have your say in the running of organisation by electing Board Members.
  • You can renew your membership here or apply for membership here.


How to join

The easiest way is to subscribe using the PayPal options below! Then we’ll send you out a subscriber discount card and you can come into 2XX HQ and collect your subscriber pack. If you can’t do it online, you can always call the station on (02) 62 300 100 during our office hours or visit our studios in the Griffin Centre, 20 Genge Street,Canberra City (between Bunda & Cooyong Streets) and we can sign you up on the spot.

You can also use the following options to subscribe:

Individual Subscription Form [Word] (This form can be filled electronically  or printed and filled in by hand)

Organisation Subscription Form [Word] (This form can be filled electronically or printed and filled in by hand)