2XX is proud to be Canberra’s longest running community radio station. Since we started broadcasting way back in1976, 2XX continues to offer alternative content to commercial stations.

2XX broadcasts the many unique voices of the Canberra community on 98.3FM or streaming online. Over 135 hours of original content is created each week by our volunteers who are passionate about our city. This means that 2xx listeners can experience many diverse conversations on Canberra culture and of course, some exceptional local and national music.

These programs include local news and current affairs, youth programs, Indigenous information and multicultural content. We also house range of special interest shows that reach niche communities such as yoga, LGBTIQ issues, gardening and mental health. This is amongst our many different music programs that give listeners a variety of metal and hardcore, Latino, electronica while still holding onto our historic folk music roots.

2XX's music selections house alternative and independent music from a broad range of genres. The playlist rotation is around 80% new Australian music, with a high representation of Canberra artists. 2XX's aim has always been to provide media access to groups who are not ordinarily given the chance to have their voices heard on commercial stations. We celebrate diversity and welcome anyone who has an interest in broadcasting.

Our station is run by this strong volunteer base and assisted by only a few paid members of staff. This means that like any other community organisation, 2XX relies on the generous support of donations to continue broadcasting quality content to the Nation’s Capital.