‘This Ain’t No Game’ runs the tagline for this 1993 classic of the game-on-film genre. While less than well-received at the time, Super Mario Bros. pulls out all the best early 1990s cinema effects as Mario (Bob Hoskins) and Luigi (John Leguizamo) set out to rescue the princess.

Lightning guns, flame throwers, reptilian monsters, explosions, car chases and outrageous costumes bring the action as the two famous plumbers don their boilersuits and head into the tunnels.

Tickets: $14/12
Start time: 2pm

Date: Sat 6 January 2024

Website: https://tickets.nfsa.gov.au/Events/SUPER-MARIO-BROS-

Email: [email protected]

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
McCoy Circuit, Acton ACT 2601