“Lately it occurs to me… what a long, strange trip it’s been.”  A personal journey through a lifetime of listening.  Presented by Mike.

uniquely expressive montage  –  predominantly non-mainstream rock, modern & post-modern jazz and related styles, extraordinary pop and avant garde sounds. 

Doo wop and dub, funk and folk, psych and skronk, bluegrass and bossa nova, post-rock and pre-rock, musique concrete and bubblegum, the weird and the wonderful.  

Yes.  Both kinds of music. 

An immersive experience for imaginative and adventurous listeners who like to be engaged, excited, intrigued, and sometimes simply astonished.  Attention, thrill seekers! 

Enquiries and comments:  [email protected]                    Side trip:  Reality is Only Temporary (Monday 10.30 pm – midnight).

Quotation from the lyric by Robert Hunter (1941-2019) for The Grateful Dead’s song Truckin’  (Ice Nine Pub. Co./ASCAP) from the album American Beauty  (Warner Bros., Nov 1970). 

Find it here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlWpK-65T2g            Profile picture:  image by Robert Crumb.

Listen to Latest Episodes

3 Dec 2023, 3pm

3 Dec 2023, 3pm … a long, strange trip… #441.  … a bunch of wild roses… to lay on my body… as i pass along…

26 Nov 2023, 3pm

26 Nov 2023, 3pm … a long, strange trip… #440.  … it is known to have some intelligent species… i think we should take a look…

19 Nov 2023, 3pm

19 Nov 2023, 3pm … a long, strange trip… #439.  … i am the tall oak tree… i am the jungle stream… i am the morning sun…

12 Nov 2023, 3pm

12 Nov 2023, 3pm … a long, strange trip… #438.  … let the sun sing in your smile… let the wind hold your desire…