To create a differentiated media platform catering to majorly Indian and other South Asian Communities, covering relevant issues, showcase empowering stories, share news and topics around daily lives in Canberra.

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29 Sep 2023, 8:30pm

29 Sep 2023, 8:30pm ACT Desi I remember a brand tagline for one of the biggest fortune 500 companies I had privilege to work with, Tata Technologies. The tagline was simple yet effective, "Better and Better". Personally and professionally I follow the same principle and believe it is the only way one can grow! ACT Desi is proud to bring to you, along with Ananya V Banerjee, ACT Desi Youth Connect, Second Rountable with three fantastic youth of our community. An Indian Australian, raised in different countries and settled in Australia, Ghazal Chawla. A proud Indian who is studying commerce here in Canberra, Shreya Ramanathan. Last but not certainly not least a well travelled and knowledgeable Srilankan student trying to create awareness about pan-SouthAsian culture and heritage, Chamika Fonseka. Listen to their interesting take on adulting and independence on ACT Desi at 8.30 pm by visiting or listen on-demand by visiting To know more about ACT Desi Youth Connect and to participate visit or DM

22 Sep 2023, 8:30pm

22 Sep 2023, 8:30pm ACT Desi Last two weeks have been eventful as ACT Desi showcased culture of #India through two workshops, #Henna and #Bhangra, by two subject matter experts right here in Canberra! The showcase was named aptly as – A Glimpse of India. This week on ACT Desi radio show it will be the conclusion with celebratory #punjabi music to remember successful events that were a part of School of Culture, History & Language Immersia at the Australian National University Do tune in at 8.30 pm on 2XXfm or visit and listen live. 

15 Sep 2023, 8:30pm

15 Sep 2023, 8:30pm ACT Desi This Friday was the celebration of 90th birthday of this legendary singer by creating a non-stop playlist of a few of her masterpieces. Do listen and immerse yourself in the melody. Stay Calm and ACT Desi!

8 Sep 2023, 8:30pm

8 Sep 2023, 8:30pm ACT Desi Listen to DJ Meta Desi Snehil's performance that was performed live in 2022. Enjoy non-stop music. Stay Calm and ACT Desi.