Welcome to Bassheadz with Tidy and Samwise – hitting the airwaves in Canberra every Saturday night at 9pm.  Tune in for great choons coming at you from the world of DnB, Jungle, Breaks & Garage.

These musical cavaliers have forged as a duo after collaborating for the first time at Dragon Dreaming festival 2017 to high acclaim. Since then, they have represented their unique sound at many festivals and parties across Australia. Utilising their extensive knowledge of music to the fullest and selecting tunes from a range of styles they continue to craft a fresh and immense experience.

Listen to Latest Episodes

21 May 2022, 9pm

21 May 2022, 9pm Bass Headz

14 May 2022, 9pm

14 May 2022, 9pm Bass Headz

7 May 2022, 9pm

7 May 2022, 9pm Bass Headz

30 Apr 2022, 9pm

30 Apr 2022, 9pm Bass Headz

23 Apr 2022, 9pm

23 Apr 2022, 9pm Bass Headz