Coneccion Latinoamericana, is a program in Spanish (Latino) which provides valuable information for the Latino community, information on employment, Immigration, housing and social services available in Canberra/Australia, and gives space to Government Authorities, Local and Federal to provide information to our Latino Community.

It also has regular contact with the 13 different Latino Ambassadors represented in Australia to talk about their countries and their communities represented in Australia, and give messages on their National Day.

The program was one of the first Language programs in 2XX it started on 24 June 1976 and it was launched  by the then Commissioner for Community Relations of Australia the late Hon Al Grassby AM.

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Listen to Latest Episodes

18 May 2022, 8pm

18 May 2022, 8pm Coneccion Latinoamericana

11 May 2022, 8pm

11 May 2022, 8pm Coneccion Latinoamericana

4 May 2022, 8pm

4 May 2022, 8pm Coneccion Latinoamericana

27 Apr 2022, 8pm

27 Apr 2022, 8pm Coneccion Latinoamericana