Twenty First (Ekushey) Radio Canberra produces weekly programs in Bengali, English, Tamil and other ethnic languages to promote consciouness on the concept of Mother Languages and culture and heritage for human well-being. The program includes a mixture of news, interviews, songs and music for the listeners of all backgrounds around the globe.

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11 Jul 2024, 8pm

11 Jul 2024, 8pm Ekushey

4 Jul 2024, 8pm

4 Jul 2024, 8pm Ekushey

27 Jun 2024, 8pm

27 Jun 2024, 8pm Ekushey

20 Jun 2024, 8pm

20 Jun 2024, 8pm Ekushey

13 Jun 2024, 8pm

13 Jun 2024, 8pm Ekushey