Tune into Green Gold Music – Carolyn Smee, 2XXFM Weekly Saturday 8pm-9pm, celebrating the soul, funk, psych, disco, pop, and stirring beats of International and Australian music throughout the decades.

Experience the raw passion and sonic journey throughout diverse genres of all musical landscapes.

Each show provides a curated playlist with vibrant tributes to the artistry and creativity within the International and Australian music scene over the decades.

Join us as we amplify the sounds that define the true spirit of music.

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Mixcloud: carolynsmee

Stream live/archives: 2xxfm.org.au
Listen: 98.3FM & DAB+

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15 Jun 2024, 8pm

15 Jun 2024, 8pm Green Gold Music

8 Jun 2024, 8pm

8 Jun 2024, 8pm Green Gold Music

1 Jun 2024, 8pm

1 Jun 2024, 8pm Green Gold Music

25 May 2024, 8pm

25 May 2024, 8pm Green Gold Music