The Mauritian Community Radio Program is a cultural platform for Mauritians in Canberra.

Produced by Bernard Busooa the show will explore the Mauritian culture, the experience of Mauritians in the Act, connections between the Mauritian community and other multicultural communities and, of course, music, food, events and other things that Mauritians are intersted to promote.

The show airs at 8:30pm every thursday and can be heard live at 98.3fm.

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30 Mar 2023, 8pm

30 Mar 2023, 8pm Mauritian

23 Mar 2023, 8pm

23 Mar 2023, 8pm Mauritian

16 Mar 2023, 8pm

16 Mar 2023, 8pm Mauritian

9 Mar 2023, 8pm

9 Mar 2023, 8pm Mauritian