“News from the Drug War Front” is a weekly radio show (10:30am to noon every Tuesday) that is presented by the Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy (CAHMA). The show reports on and debates the harms caused by the prohibition of certain drugs that began on a global scale with the ratification of the 1961 United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. We aim to inform and educate listeners about the failure and the moral bankruptcy of the ‘war on drugs’ or, to describe it more accurately, the ‘war on people who use drugs’. 

Stories, research, opinion pieces and drug law reform initiatives from Australia and around the world are reported on and discussed. Upcoming CAHMA workshops such as the Opioid Overdose Recognition and Response with Naloxone workshops are promoted. CAHMA started the first ever peer naloxone (Narcan) program in Australia and it evaluated so well that new funding has been provided for naloxone training to be on-going. We have guests from other services come on to talk about what their organisations do for people with substance use issues in the ACT. A selection of music with themes related to drugs is played during each show. The producer and presenter is Geoff Ward with Marion Watson co-presenter.

“The contents of this News From the Drug War Front  Broadcast/Podcast does not necessarily reflect the views and or policies of The Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy (CAHMA).  CAHMA does not condone nor condemn drug use and does not promote illegal activity.  CAHMA recognises that drug use happens.  As such CAHMA focuses on harm reduction messages, drug treatment support services, advocacy and community development.  CAHMA seeks to reduce the harms associated with drug use, as well as the harms associated with the criminalisation of drug use, through the provision of empowering programs that concentrate on community development, person centred healthcare and equity of health service delivery for all people.”

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17 May 2022, 10:30am

17 May 2022, 10:30am News from the Drug War Front

10 May 2022, 10:30am

10 May 2022, 10:30am News from the Drug War Front

3 May 2022, 10:30am

3 May 2022, 10:30am News from the Drug War Front

26 Apr 2022, 10:30am

26 Apr 2022, 10:30am News from the Drug War Front