Sample Credits – the show that looks at the songs behind the songs, the hits behind the hits.

Each week I’ll be playing a range of funk, soul, disco, pop, folk and rock songs that were sampled by other artists in some of their most famous tracks.

You’ll be presented with some extremely danceable music, cross-referenced with the hits you love. Before too long, you’ll recognise samples without having to look at the liner notes. Wow your friends! Impress your co-workers! Be the belle of the ball! 

So catch me Friday nights at half past ten for Sample Credits – a music lesson that’ll learn you good, son!

Listen to Latest Episodes

20 May 2022, 10pm

20 May 2022, 10pm Sample Credits

13 May 2022, 10pm

13 May 2022, 10pm Sample Credits

6 May 2022, 10pm

6 May 2022, 10pm Sample Credits

29 Apr 2022, 10pm

29 Apr 2022, 10pm Sample Credits