The tango hour is  7pm to 8pm, every Sunday,
when Tango Capital brings you tango views, news, reviews, and  interviews together with the best in traditional and modern tango music, all with an Australasian focus but with international happenings and personalities also. The format changes over the month to include magazine editions with reviews, reports, briefings on tango musicans, historical vignettes, and alerts on upcoming events; then there are music editions exploring a magazine edition in more depth through music associated with the topic, interviews editions, some special editions, and – taking radio to dance and vice versa –  ‘Tango For Dancing’ is  a live broadcast of a milonguita playlist every 4th Sunday of the month.

However, with Covid-19 impacting live music and tango dancing events, the focus is currently on providing music for dancers to practice their tango at home. For now, most broadcasts will be a milonguita playlist providing 6-7 tandas of a range of music for tango,interspersed with explorations of recordings by classic and modern tango musicians.

Tango Capital also brings you the opportunity to subscribe to the tango feed, bringing you details of upcoming live tango music events around the country as well as virtual tango events – check the blogsite – and you are invited to join in with feedback, comments, requests and discussion posted to the Facebook page or the blogsite, Tango.Capital

Note: the many versions of classic tango pieces make it difficult for automated software to find the right version. Accordingly it is the policy of this program to list here only the modern pieces and in particular the Australian recordings. A detailed playlist for each episode is  manually prepared and posted to the blogsite, Tango.Capital.

Listen to Latest Episodes

16 Jun 2024, 7pm

16 Jun 2024, 7pm Tango Capital

9 Jun 2024, 7pm

9 Jun 2024, 7pm Tango Capital

2 Jun 2024, 7pm

2 Jun 2024, 7pm Tango Capital

26 May 2024, 7pm

26 May 2024, 7pm Tango Capital