The Confab – a program of conversations with people from Canberra and from around the world.  You will get to know their stories, passions their contribution to humanity and hear music that has inspired them during their life’s journey.

Join me after the news at 6 pm on a Thursday for the Confab. 

You can contact me at if you would like to come onto the program or wish to nominate someone to share their story.

The Confab with Michael G is now available as a Podcast.  Previous programs are being progressively uploaded to your favourite Podcast streaming site, search under “The Confab with Michael G”


Listen to Latest Episodes

29 Sep 2022, 6pm

29 Sep 2022, 6pm The Confab

22 Sep 2022, 6pm

22 Sep 2022, 6pm The Confab

15 Sep 2022, 6pm

15 Sep 2022, 6pm The Confab

8 Sep 2022, 6pm

8 Sep 2022, 6pm The Confab

1 Sep 2022, 6pm

1 Sep 2022, 6pm The Confab