The Confab – a program of conversations with people from Canberra and from around the world.  You will get to know their stories, passions their contribution to humanity and hear music that has inspired them during their life’s journey.

Join me after the news at 6 pm on a Thursday for the Confab. 

You can contact me at if you would like to come onto the program or wish to nominate someone to share their story.

The Confab with Michael G is now available as a Podcast.  Previous programs are being progressively uploaded to your favourite Podcast streaming site, search under “The Confab with Michael G”


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25 May 2023, 6pm

25 May 2023, 6pm The Confab with Michael G Working as part of a university and industry research team, Vincent has learned the value of making the most of what is made available to you. By pressing whole apples, Vincent and the joint research team from the University of Newcastle and the NSW Department of Primary Industries, have found a way to enrich the nutritional and economic value of its juice. Working as part of a highly-skilled research team, and working in partnership with industry to innovate and encourage the evolution of the fruit juicing industry, was not the type of project Vincent imagined he would participate when he started his undergraduate degree. Vincent has establish a successful business and has harness his academic endeavours to provide health products. Join me on the Confab with Michael G to hear his life journey and passions.

18 May 2023, 6pm

18 May 2023, 6pm The Confab with Michael G Kitty is a leading health and wellness icon. She went from being overweight and a diet junky to founding one of the country's leading health and wellness programs. Hundreds of thousands of people now follow her. Her journey is about – all the poor foods and information we consume as consumers how we all make poor life choices why and how we can all do so much better why health is so intrinsically linked to our moods and success. Join me on the Confab with Michael G to hear her life journey and passions. This podcast makes reference to adult themes and drug use.

11 May 2023, 6pm

11 May 2023, 6pm The Confab with Michael G I first meet Sandra in the Block a famous heritage arcade in Melbourne.  Sandra is the owner of the concept “The Alpaca Collection” is a boutique-clothing store for both women and men. Once considered a gift from the gods and the most important relic of the history of the Incas. Today, a world concerned about the environment and its sustainability has the opportunity to know and understand the importance of Alpacas and their fibre. Sandra understands this concept, and wants as many people to understand the contribution of Alpacas to the environment and our sustainability. The concept was established in 1998, with clothing made exclusively from alpaca yarn from Australia and around the world, the business has continued to diversify. Join me on the ConFab to gain an understanding of her life journey and passions.

4 May 2023, 6pm

4 May 2023, 6pm The Confab with Michael G The Phoenix Kings band are a alt-rock pub band from Canberra. Their music is fast-paced with an Australian feel. They have been influenced by blues-rock bands of yesterday like Led Zep, ACDC, Angels, Screaming Jets but with a modern feel.  The band comprises Dion (vocals/rhythm guitar, song writer), Andrew (lead guitar), Paul (bass) and Brett (drums). Their first album, ‘Yesterday Knows’ an independent, was a digital release in February and contains 12 tracks with a unique Aussie theme. One track has cracked the 1,000 hits. Join me this Thursday night to gain an insight into a couple of band members life journeys and passions.