The Confab – a program of conversations with people from Canberra and from around the world.  You will get to know their stories, passions their contribution to humanity and hear music that has inspired them during their life’s journey.

Join me after the news at 6 pm on a Thursday for the Confab. 

You can contact me at if you would like to come onto the program or wish to nominate someone to share their story.

The Confab with Michael G is now available as a Podcast.  Previous programs are being progressively uploaded to your favourite Podcast streaming site, search under “The Confab with Michael G”


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8 Dec 2022, 6pm

8 Dec 2022, 6pm The Confab THE CONFAB WITH MICHAEL G IN CONVERSATION WITH SAM Meet Sam a Gold Logie-winning actor and Victorian Australian of the Year 2018, he is also the cofounder of Love Your Sister which is a million-strong village of everyday Aussies committed to vanquishing cancer with hard science and the best new technologies. Love Your Sister supports precision treatment for ALL cancer patients, whatever the cancer, regardless of location, income, or status. We strive for the right treatment for every cancer patient, first time, every time. Love Your Sister is Australia’s hardest working cancer vanquishing charity, and since its inception in 2012 has raised over $16M for medical research. Join me this Thursday to gain an insight to Sam and his journey.

1 Dec 2022, 6pm

1 Dec 2022, 6pm The Confab THE CONFAB WITH MICHAEL G IN CONVERSATION WITH ANDREW Meet Andrew who is the ACT Chief Minister who is passionate about supporting Canberra’s diverse community. Through a range of innovative policies, he has helped shape Canberra to become Australia’s most inclusive city and the most LGBTIQ-friendly city in the country. He has lived in Canberra for more than 40 years and attended Holt Preschool, Turner Primary, Lyneham High and Lake Ginninderra College, before studying a Bachelor of Arts (Policy Studies) at the Australian National University, majoring in economics and political science. Join me this Thursday to gain an insight to Andrew and his journey.

24 Nov 2022, 6pm

24 Nov 2022, 6pm The Confab THE CONFAB WITH MICHAEL G IN CONVERSATION WITH JANE Meet Jane from the Southern Highlands who has passion for antiques, the theatre and bringing together artisans. We hear her story about making the gradual transition from the theatre, a bargain hunt collector and supporter of artisans in the southern highlands and now Canberra. We talk about her childhood and her passion for supporting artists.Join me this Thursday to gain an insight to Jane and her journey.

17 Nov 2022, 6pm

17 Nov 2022, 6pm The Confab THE CONFAB WITH MICHAEL G IN CONVERSATION WITH THE REV ~ Reverend Bones is the moniker of Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and climate activist Michael John Bones. Having grown up in a devout Pentecostal Christian community in the Aussie outback, Bones started deconstructing his faith in his early 20s. The songs from his debut album, Escape From Heaven, are inspired by his personal experience of the death of God, and his attempt at making sense of the world anew. With an indie rock sound that combines flavours of country-blues, gospel and grunge, Bones explores themes like religion and spirituality, work and play, love and sex, addiction and mental health, masculinity and gender questioning, and the impending climate apocalypse. Join me this Thursday to gain an insight to his passions and life journey.

10 Nov 2022, 6pm

10 Nov 2022, 6pm The Confab THE COMFAB WITH MICHAEL G IN CONVERSATION WITH EMILY I first me Emily at the Greek festival next to the Greek Orthodox Church in Canberra and we catch up on a regular basis at the local farmers markets (Epic markets) on a Saturday morning.  Emily is one of many artisans who are provide a ranger of culinary delights to visitors to the markets.  Emily has established a loyal following and bakes delights that remind her patrons of Greece and the rich history of Greek sweets.  Emily (a small business owner) has demonstrated a sound understanding of running a small business focusing on culinary experiences.  A number of her patrons have reminisced about their Greek heritage or have talked about their visits to that country and their experience of consumer Greek deserts. We talk about her childhood and journey to become leading artisan cheese fromager. Join me this on the Confab with Michael G to gain an insight to Emily’s passions and her life journey.