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Week days 2pm till 6pm: local and Australian music

2pm – 3pm: A different show each day – from Indij Hip Hop to new releases.

3pm – 4pm: Aus Music HourThe best of recent Australian independent and alternative music.

4pm – 6pm: Local n Live: The freshest home-grown music, delivered straight from local artists to your ears. 

Week nights 6pm till late: specialised music shows 

Are you a hyper pop fan? Maybe funk’s your medicine? Each week night, our specialised shows offer up a dose of new music, local gig news, interviews and a deep knowledge of music from our talented local presenters and producers.

Weekends on 2XX: a smorgasbord of culture and music

Spend your weekend in the good company of local, independent music shows on 2XX. Enjoy some folk or Indian Carnatic music for breakfast. Specialised music shows continue with plenty of music from a range of cultural and musical worlds. 

Our unique program mix

2XX is the place for new music, independent music, music you never expected, niche music and music to broaden your horizons. 

There’s no formula or rule for the music shows we play: that’s the point…and the result is a diverse reflection of interests, community and culture.

Check out our music programs here…

1200 Degrees: A mix on the 1200s (turntables) using12” or 7” vinyl, this program takes us on a journey through the decades, from the 1950s to now. From the Community Radio Network.

1200 Twelves: A DJ mix spun by one of 100 DJs each creating a mix of their 12″ vinyls, all adding up to 1200 Twelves. Each episode features 1-2 DJs.


Acoustic Shock: Love the music once and you’ll love it forever; music falling under the spectrum of Heavy Metal. With presenter Michael Kraaz, it’s a process of re-experiencing the music of his youth, and discovering the state of all things Metal.

…a long, strange trip… Predominantly non-mainstream rock, modern & post-modern jazz and related styles, extraordinary pop and avant garde sounds.

A Jazz Hour: The very best in contemporary reflective and nostalgic music in the jazz form from swing to bebop to mainstream and free form. From the Community Radio Network.

Amrap Radio Program: A weekly countdown of Australian music most ordered for airplay. From the Community Radio Network.

Aus Music Hour: An hour of the best of recent Australian Independent and Alternative Music.

Australian Music is Bloody Great: Featuring topline Aussie acts talking up and playing their recent Australian music faves. From the Community Radio Network.

Aussie Music Weekly: From rock to pop, blues to folk, hip hop to funk, so long as it’s Australian, there’s a good chance you’ll hear it on Aussie Music Weekly. From the Community Radio Network.

Beale St Caravan: Beale Street Caravan, the most widely distributed blues radio program in the world. Experience the heartfelt sounds and colorful stories of Memphis music in intimate, live-in-concert performances. From the Community Radio Network.

Beats, Rhymes & Life: Hear Oz Hip Hop, celebrate the greats, re-live the classic and chat the best in the genre. From the Community Radio Network.

Blues, Roots N Boots: Revealing the depth of Australian talent within these music forms, while also allowing room for the best of what is available from the international scene. From the Community Radio Network.

Breakfast: Snap, Crackle and Pop.  Wake up each weekday to hear local news, community announcements and upbeat music to get you out of bed.

Chimes: Indie pop goodness that sparkles and shines! Trace the arc from the Byrds to the Bats, with plenty of new releases and some forgotten treasures too. From the Community Radio Network.

Contact!: The long-running left-of-centre specialist music program. From the Community Radio Network.

Continental Drift: Music of world, new and forthcoming releases; cross-cultural, traditional, acoustic, trance, electronic, folk and singer-songwriters. From the Community Radio Network.

Dead Air: Take a nostalgic trip through the Blues and Americana, with a nod a to swinging Britain and Australia of the late sixties and early seventies.

Deadly Beats: The very best Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander music artists in the Urban Music genre. Tune in to get a true taste of Indigenous Hip Hop & RnB tunes. From the Community Radio Network.

Dirt Music: Explore the expanse and history of roots music spanning country, folk, blues, Americana and so much more, with unparalleled selections and insight. From the Community Radio Network.


Fine Music Live: Exclusive live performances. Local, national and international performances with an emphasis on Australian performers. From the Community Radio Network.

Global Village: World music with a difference – a culturally diverse musical carpet ride for armchair travellers. From the Community Radio Network.

Green Gold Music: celebrating the soul, funk, psych, disco, pop, and stirring beats of Australian music throughout the decades.

Hot, Sweet & Jazzy: Jazz for enjoyable listening, including traditional, mainstream, contemporary and everything in-between, from America, Australia, Europe and elsewhere. From the Community Radio Network.

Lark in the Morning: Folk music from Canberra and the world.

Liquid Sunshine: Brings you the best Deep Funk, Rare Groove, Disco, Beats – All The Good Stuff!!

Live Delay: The airwaves sing with the raw energy of live performance, highlighting artists of different genres, different styles, and from different regions of Australia. From the Community Radio Network.

Local n Live: The freshest home-grown music, the latest local music news, gig details, live interviews and laughs!

Lunchbox: Lunchtime music and entertainment from 12:30pm every weekday! 


Making Waves: Traditional and contemporary folk music plus news about local folk-related events including folk dance. 

Music for Beaches: Mostly chilled out… mostly electronic, sometimes Balearic, but always beautiful music for chilled souls. From the Community Radio Network.

Now’s the Time: Modern jazz. Bebop and beyond. Sometimes a long way beyond. 

Outer Rhythm: Let us take you on a journey thru the archives of House Music as well as into the future with unreleased tracks.

Pop Heads Hour of Power: a weekly trip into the vinyl vault. From the Community Radio Network.

Reality is Only Temporary

Rebel Chorus: Folk music with a political edge: songs and verse of soldarity, struggle, sedition and survival.

Roots n Reggae: Serving up a variety of reggae music styles from Australia and around the world – including foundation tracks to electronic dub, plus everything in between. From the Community Radio Network.


Sample Credits: Funk, soul, disco, pop, folk and rock songs sampled by other artists in some of their most famous tracks.

Sangeetalahari: Carnatic music from South India is presented for your listening pleasure.

Take it or leave it: A music show to keep you up to date with the latest releases, news and upcoming shows on everything independent pop/rock.

Tango Capital: The best in traditional and modern tango music, all with an Australasian focus.

Tecka’s Rock & Blues Show: Hear the latest hard/pub rock and blues from across the globe, plus an acoustic segment each hour. From the Community Radio Network.

The Folk Show: Hear the best of Anglo-Celtic, Australian and contemporary folk. From the Community Radio Network.

The Hit Parade of Yesterday: Original recordings from the 20s & 30s. Featuring jazz, big bands, and some Australian bands, personalities and music from the movies. From the Community Radio Network.

The Music Goes Round n Round: Swing bands and singers of the 1930s and ’40s.

The Tiki Lounge Remix: World music, contemporary jazz, digital beats and aural exotica, plus interviews with international and Australian artists, producers and festival organisers. From the Community Radio Network.

the wind up: One hour of dance music to wind up your week and get you pumped for the weekend. House, breaks and more, including mixes and tracks from local DJ’s and producers.

Ultima Thule: A mix of ambient, trance, drone and chill-out electronica, spacemusic, ancient, medieval and neoclassical creations, traditional, world music and more. From the Community Radio Network.

Under the Influence: Playing new music releases and the songs that have inspired their creations.

Urban Meltdown: Independent releases, quality underground tunes, and big tracks predominantly from the US and UK, before they make it big over here. From the Community Radio Network.

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