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Hear fresh voices, home-grown content, alternative perspectives, and independent views on issues that affect us all. 

Stories of community, activism, and beyond

2XX keeps you in touch with current happenings and affairs. From what’s on around town with 2XX Breakfast to deeper dives into the personal and the political, 2XX has the programs for you.  

Land care and the environment

From the vast natural environment to the climate crisis we all face, 2XX keeps you connected. Find out what’s happening locally, nationally and globally. Join us as our programs traverse land regeneration to spiritualism and beyond.

Entertainment, sport, science and more

Sit back, relax and indulge in the range of 2XX shows that make you think and those that will give you a lift.  Get your weekly dose of movie society talk, gaming, comics, science fiction and the latest science news. Or perhaps you’d prefer stories with cultural showcases and international tales. 2XX has it all!

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Accent of Women: Information, analysis and comment on issues that are initiated, facilitated or driven by women from diverse communities. From the Community Radio Network.

All the Best: Portraits of life in Australia using short form documentaries, personal narrative, interviews, fiction and factual accounts. From the Community Radio Network. From the Community Radio Network.

Alternative Radio: Hear different perspective on international issues. Featuring such speakers as Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy and Tariq Ali. From the Community Radio Network.

Arts Alive: Australian arts news and current events, interviews, current releases, reviews. From the Community Radio Network.

Behind The Lines: Step in to a social, political, environmental and community activist program.

Breakfast: Snap, Crackle and Pop.  Wake up each weekday to hear local news, community announcements and upbeat music to get you out of bed.

Capital Women: Conversations with successful and emerging businesswomen from across the Canberra region highlighting the ‘behind the scenes’ challenges, insights, wisdom, and determination needed to remain relevant in today’s business world.

Cinemascape: Your weekly guide to the movies. Our reviewers give a well-rounded opinion that takes into account all tastes. From the Community Radio Network.

Climate Community: Interviews with climate activists, news from around Canberra and beyond and information about upcoming events.

Dads on the Air: Insight into society’s shifting attitudes towards fathers and fatherhood. Includes less represented groups such as incarcerated, Indigenous, and gay dads. From the Community Radio Network.

Democracy Now: US public radio’s award-winning news program. Hosting debates between people who substantially disagree, such as White House spokespeople & grassroots activists. From the Community Radio Network.

Diffusion: New science, hard science, pop science, historical science and weird science. Includes news, interviews, special features and discussion on important scientific events and issues. From the Community Radio Network.

Earth Matters: Local, national and international grassroots perspectives on environmental concerns. A wide variety of voices on nature conservation and environmental justice. Covers government policy and campaigns for a more sustainable future. From the Community Radio Network.

Fair Comment: An interview program that takes a grassroots perspective, examining how news and issues across Australia are affecting individuals in the community. From the Community Radio Network.

Final Draft: Weekly interviews with Australian authors, plus news on festival, events and all you need to understand about the world of Australian letters.

Fuzzy Logic Exploring the world of science, with local, national and international talent.

Jailbreak: Supporting listeners on the inside. Connects people and families in the community who feel isolated, separated or caught up in the criminal justice system. From the Community Radio Network.


Gender Equity Matters

Let’s Talk: Focuses on current affairs and issues of importance to Indigenous people and produced by Triple A in Brisbane. From the Community Radio Network.

Living Planet Explore topics that touch our lives every day: the food we eat, the waste from products we consume, not to mention all creatures great and small. From the Community Radio Network.

Lost in Science: Entertaining news and discussion about research impacting society, plus a wide range of science and technology news. From the Community Radio Network.

Lunchbox: Music and entertainment every weekday! Includes National Radio News and weather update at 1.00pm, plus Community Events Announcements at 1.30pm.

Mediation Today Hear stories, experiences, hints and tips, training, standard requirements for credentialing…in a nutshell: all things mediation!

MIENU: aka Mental illness education and you, aims to increase mental health literacy, promote early intervention, reduce stigma and emphasise recovery.

National Indigenous News Review: An Indigenous-produced and presented magazine-style news and current affairs program, provideing a platform for in-depth coverage of issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. From the Community Radio Network.

Not Thinking Straight: It’s a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community featuring chats with LGBTQI artists, performers, activists and legends and stories about what’s happening across the rainbow spectrum.

Primary Perspectives: Hosted entirely by young people from mid-primary to mid-secondary age range. Providing an opportunity for young people to discuss a wide variety of local/global topics via interviews with leaders and experts in various fields. From the Community Radio Network.

Queering the Capital News meets comedy in Queering the Capital – Bringing all of Canberra’s queer news to you.

Radio-Active: Australian focus on nuclear, peace and sustainability issues. News, insights, recordings and stories from people who are being or have been affected by the nuclear industry. From the Community Radio Network.

Radio Landcare Covering issues of landcare/ catchment management in both urban and rural contexts.

Real World Gardener: Information about plant health, and garden design, plus discussions th experts about horticulture, sustainability, bushcare and the environment. From the Community Radio Network.


Sacred Cinema: Sacred Cinema explores the rich history of cinema and asks what the stories of the silver screen can teach us about ourselves, other people and the surrounding world. Each week, explore themes in various films of different eras and styles.

Space Nuts: All things Space – Astronomy, space, and science news, travel, discoveries, the mysteries, and more… From the Community Radio Network.

Stick Together: A show about workers rights and current affairs featuring interviews with workers, unionists, community campaigners and academics from right across Australia. From the Community Radio Network.

That’s What I Call Science: A team of women in science and tech bring a fresh perspective to the issues that matter to you. Explore elements of science that are at the heart of our communities. From the Community Radio Network.

The Assignment: Journey into the heart of global events. From the Community Radio Network.

The Bohemian Beat: Takes the listener on a journey through the minds and lives of some of the greatest men and women that have ever lived, and the inspiration that has manifested in the literature, music, visual arts, philosophy, science and sociology of the day. From the Community Radio Network.

The Confab  A program of conversations with people from Canberra and from around the world.

The Fourth Estate:  issues impacting on media and communications around Australia and the world. From moves to crack down on the freedom of journalists, the show provides fresh insights on our most maligned democratic institution. From the Community Radio Network.

The Wire: The Wire is a daily current affairs program broadcast exclusively on Community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia. From the Community Radio Network.

The Wire Weekly: A weekly wrap on the news and stories that matter to you. From the Community Radio Network.

This Way Out: International LGBT news, music, politics, culture and much more in a weekly magazine-style show. From the Community Radio Network.

Transforming Perceptions   Exploring subjects connecting with social, emotional and mental well-being in the community.

Water Watch: A weekly deep dive into life, culture and the big issues on Australia’s waterways. From the Community Radio Network.

Wellbeing: Health issues for people of all ages. Wellbeing aims to inform the community about conditions and diseases as well as dispelling medical myths. From the Community Radio Network.

Well, Well, Well

Wings: Women’s International News Gathering Service is a weekly half-hour of news/current affairs by and about women around the world. “Raising Women’s Voices through Radio Worldwide”. From the Community Radio Network.

Women On The Line: Providing a gender analysis of contemporary issues, as well as in-depth analysis by a range of women around Australia and internationally. Women On The Line takes a national perspective on women’s issues, and has rotating producers and presenters. From the Community Radio Network.