Hear fresh voices, home-grown content, alternative perspectives, and independent views on issues that affect us all. 

Stories of community, activism, and beyond

2XX keeps you in touch with current happenings and affairs. From what’s on around town with 2XX Breakfast to deeper dives into the personal and the political, 2XX has the programs for you.  

Land care and the environment

From the vast natural environment to the climate crisis we all face, 2XX keeps you connected. Find out what’s happening locally, nationally and globally. Join us as our programs traverse land regeneration to spiritualism and beyond.

Entertainment, sport, science and more

Sit back, relax and indulge in the range of 2XX shows that make you think and those that will give you a lift.  Get your weekly dose of movie society talk, gaming, comics, science fiction and the latest science news. Or perhaps you’d prefer stories with cultural showcases and international tales. 2XX has it all!

Explore our home grown community, cultural, current affairs and entertainment programs


Back to Earth  Discover your inner nature, your Soul voice, and use the forces of nature to create the life you want to be living.

Behind The Lines Step in to a social, political, environmental and community activist program.

Breakfast Start your morning with local news, community voices and upbeat music.

Canberra Multicultural Voices Celebrating Canberra’s multicultural community, highlighting activities and concerns of the community.

Fuzzy Logic Exploring the world of science, with local, national and international talent.


Mediation Today Hear stories, experiences, hints and tips, training, standard requirements for credentialing…in a nutshell: all things mediation!

News From the Drug War Front Reporting on and debating the harms caused by the global prohibition of certain drugs.

Queering the Capital News meets comedy in Queering the Capital – Bringing all of Canberra’s queer news to you.

Radio Landcare Covering issues of landcare/ catchment management in both urban and rural contexts.


Sacred Cinema

The Confab  A program of conversations with people from Canberra and from around the world.

Transforming Perceptions   Exploring subjects connecting with social, emotional and mental well-being in the community.