Climate Community provides connection and support for the many Canberrans who are active (or would like to be) in addressing the emerging climate crisis. The program features interviews with climate activists, news from around Canberra and beyond and provides the local climate community with information about upcoming events.

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21 Jun 2024, 11:30am

21 Jun 2024, 11:30am Climate Community

14 Jun 2024, 11:30am

14 Jun 2024, 11:30am Climate Community Interview with Belinda Noble, CEO of Comms Declare, a group of journalists, cartoonists and others who are working towards ending fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship. Governments around the world are restricting fossil ads on the basis of the harm that they cause to the climate. Photo of Belinda Noble by Wolter Peeters. 

7 Jun 2024, 11:30am

7 Jun 2024, 11:30am Climate Community The myths, the politics, and the realities of a warming Antarctica.

31 May 2024, 11:30am

31 May 2024, 11:30am Climate Community Interviews with the amazing Knitting Nannas who came to Canberra from all over the east coast to meet with Minister Bowen and to hold a "Kitchen Table Cabinet" on the front lawns of Parliament House. They were joined by cross-benchers Zali Steggall, David Pocock and Kylea Tink, plus researchers Polly Hemming from the Australia Institute and Saul Griffith from Electrify Australia. 

24 May 2024, 11:30am

24 May 2024, 11:30am Climate Community Interview with Paula Mance, Executive Director of SeeChange, Canberra's own hub for sustainability initiatives including Electric bike trials, repair cafes and so much more. Paula talk about the ways that SeeChange is helping Canberrans to reduce our climate impacts through practical activities.  We are also joined by Amy Blain, Chair of the Peoples Climate Assembly as co-host. Music: intro from "Padlock and Chain" by the Lurkers, and track "Two- wheeled Tango" by Ecopella