The Transforming Perceptions Show and the Transforming Perceptions Energise Your Life shows are projects of the ACT Multicultural Lived Experience Network: an unincorporated volunteer group that is focused on promoting mental health and well-being in the Canberra region, especially for people of multicultural, migrant and refugee backgrounds. Transforming Perceptions explores a diverse range of perspectives on subjects that may have direct or indirect links to social, emotional and mental well-being and aims to promote de-stigmatisation of mental illness in the community.  We advocate for better provision of information, treatment and care for people with mental illness and their families from multicultural, refugee, migrant and indigenous backgrounds.  We provide information on where to get help in the ACT region, national and local mental health sector updates, current mental health research and where to access any resources that may be available, or how to find out more about a specific topic that may be discussed.  Our shows features guests who are experts in their fields working in research, clinical work, holistic and alternative therapies, advocacy, peer support and service provision and who may work in the either the community, mainstream and multicultural mental health sectors. 

The Energising Your Life, is a segment under the Transforming Perceptions banner.  Energising Your Life is focused on holistic health principles and aims to uplift listeners, exploring ‘Energising’ topics that are connected with ways you can holistically feel your best.  Energising Your Life will be brought to you once a month every first Saturday in the Transforming Perceptions timeslot.

From November 2019 we will bring you a new bi-monthly segment ‘Does Research Matter?’ with a focus on discussing and exploring the benefits and value of research, types of research and showcasing current research.  Guests/ researchers will argue the case as to whether evidence-based research is appropriate for the particular issue and why.

Listen to Latest Episodes

6 Jul 2024, 2pm

6 Jul 2024, 2pm Transforming Perceptions

29 Jun 2024, 2pm

29 Jun 2024, 2pm Transforming Perceptions

22 Jun 2024, 2pm

22 Jun 2024, 2pm Transforming Perceptions

15 Jun 2024, 2pm

15 Jun 2024, 2pm Transforming Perceptions